Happy National Pet Day! Today, we celebrate our furry, feathered, and scaly companions who bring joy into the lives of their humans. Through their playful antics, curiosity, and comforting presence, our fur babies fill our homes with love and happiness. As true companions, they greet us at the door with their wagging tales, give us cuddles, and take us on walks. While walking is mostly associated with canine companionship, Cindy Butler and her feline, Rusty, enjoy the outdoors together. 

After her mother passed away, Cindy inherited her fur baby, she shares how Rusty was introduced into the family, “When he was a kitten, somebody abandoned him, and my sister found him, and she gave him to my mom, he was half starved to death. And so, my mom took him, and she raised him.” 

Rusty (Photo by Bernadette Mullen)Rusty out for his stroll (photo by Bernadette Mullen)

Rusty does not go outside on his own so to help ensure Rusty gets some fresh air, Cindy takes him on regular walks in his pet stroller. “Oh, I've had some pretty weird experiences. It was in the winter, and I was pushing the cat in the stroller over by the Credit Union. I was going across and this guy was turning in, so he stopped, and he let me cross, and as I'm crossing, I could see him poke his head over the steering wheel and then he just shook his head because he realized he had stopped for a cat,” Cindy chuckled. 

Cindy, now retired, expressed that Rusty plays a vital role in keeping her active, emphasizing that she likely wouldn't go for walks without him by her side. Sadly, since our interview Rusty passed away. However, below is a picture of two fur babies, Barney and Fuzzy Peach. Barney is a female, they are a mother and daughter pair, who are bonded together and must be adopted together. Like Rusty, both cats are indoors only, spayed, and have all their shots, and the fees will be waived. The adoption is in conjunction with Pet Value and the Weyburn Humane Society. Maybe Cindy can take these fur babies for walks? 

Fuzzy Peach and BarneyFuzzy Peach and Barney are looking for their forever home and are available for adoption at Pet Value (photo courtesy of Pet Value)

Other local fur babies we want to celebrate:

Boots age 15 and Roscoe age 17 - Boots is described as sweet and "kittenish" and Roscoe is described as food motivated (photo courtesy of Michelle Vogel)Boots age 15 and Roscoe age 17 - Boots is described as sweet and "kittenish" and Roscoe is described as food motivated (photo courtesy of Michelle Vogel)
Buba or BubbaBuba is 2 years, and Bubba is 10 months (photo courtesy of Marchel Capilitan-Sandeski
Photo courtesy of Sheena ReynoldsPhoto courtesy of Sheena Reynolds
PiperPiper (Photo courtesy of Teresa Sandeski)
Medusa Medusa, 8 months (Photo courtesy of Tatiana Barrera Sanchez)
ChesterChester Wayne Static Bennington the 3rd,1.5 years, an Investigator

While the above photos are certainly not an exhaustive list of all our fur babies in the area, it serves as quick reminder of the wonderful companionship pets provide to their humans.