Jade Moore is set to become the new owner of the renowned King’s Department Store, a cherished destination for tourists exploring the Southeast region of Carlyle. While her official takeover is scheduled for April 8th, Jade admits that acquiring a clothing store was not initially on her radar. 

“I rang in 2024 not knowing that this would happen. I had been working at King's since September just part-time for something to fill my spare time with. I wanted to work somewhere that I knew I would enjoy and was a really positive environment. I had been friends with Ken leading up to that and so I joined Ken’s team. And then in January, of course, with Ken’s health, he told the staff members that he needed to close or sell the business. So, in that moment I knew that I was there for a reason, and I had to buy it,” shared Moore. 

Moore also explained that she is currently a real estate agent and shares a brokerage with her mother. However, now leading the way with a new business venture, she will be closing the brokerage and keeping King’s as her primary focus. 

While excited for her new adventure, Moore expressed her admiration for Ken King.  

“Ken has built an amazing legacy and he's just a very unique and wonderful person. I don't think there's very many people like him in this world. He did an amazing job building this business and he's really branded King’s and himself. I have some really big shoes to fill, but I’m really looking forward to doing that, I’m really honoured to do that as well.” 

Moore emphasized that her primary aim is to uphold the cherished King’s experience, ensuring outstanding customer service and maintaining the warm atmosphere that patrons have come to cherish.