A call concerning a possible impaired driver this past Sunday resulted in a man facing charges.  

The Weyburn Police Service received a report in the early morning hours after a vehicle had backed into another one, and then remained stationary. 

“This actually was an individual that was operating a motor vehicle in the sense that he was found to be passed out in the driver’s seat with his vehicle still in reverse and running,” explained Deputy Police Chief Brent VanDeSype. “Basically, during the operation of the vehicle he had passed out, and that individual was arrested and charged with impaired driving.” 

While in this situation the vehicle was in gear and running, VanDeSype cautioned that a person can be charged not only for the operation of a motor vehicle while impaired, but for being behind the wheel period while impaired.  

“Anytime that you have the ability to put that vehicle in motion, so basically it’s called care and control of a motor vehicle, so if you’re impaired but you have care and control of a motor vehicle, it’s basically the very same charge as impaired operation of a motor vehicle,” VanDeSype clarified.  

In the case of the incident in the early morning hours of Sunday, the driver of the vehicle was said to have a blood alcohol content of twice the legal limit. 

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