The Weyburn Communithon Committee will hold its Annual General Meeting on April 23rd at Southeast College at 7:30 p.m., following a Volunteer Appreciation event. 

"That will hopefully bring out some more people that May want to get involved and volunteer and have fun during the day in October that's coming up," said 2024 Chair Lynda Rideout. 

The big event is slated for October 25th, 2024, with a goal of $102,024.

"We've got such a great group of volunteers, and of course, there's always room for more. Anyone is welcome to come. The more the merrier." 

This year's member agencies were recently announced, which are consistent with previous years: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Weyburn, Canadian Mental Health Association Weyburn branch, the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, Envision Counselling and Support Centre, Inclusion Weyburn, Southeast Advocates for Employment, Spinal Cord Injury Saskatchewan and the Weyburn Care-A-Van Society.

"None of the member agencies sit on the allocations committee or have anything to do with that process," clarified Rideout. "We all sign up to do different tasks throughout the year, like sit on the Finance Committee or the Entertainment Committee, perhaps helping out to recruit volunteers. We have a fun development committee where we actually go out and meet with businesses and hope to obtain their support. Decorating, making sure that the space looks as beautiful as it always does every year, that sort of thing."

She said they are hoping those interested in participating as a volunteer will join them on the 23rd.

"I would have to say that the Communithon is one of the most fun events that happens in Weyburn throughout the year and even the volunteering and coming up with ideas of how to make it better, each year, is such a rewarding experience for the volunteers," she noted. "We'd love to have additions to our crew. It's such a super fun day, but at the same time, we realize that not everyone can handle being there [all day]. It is a super long day. So we would welcome volunteers that can even come for a couple of hours that day to pitch in, doing something, any kind of support would be greatly appreciated." 

Rideout said they will kick things off at their AGM, and work throughout the year, leading right up to the big day.

"Then most of us are there from the time that the Communithon starts in the morning right to the end, where we do our final dance together."

Anyone who wants to participate in the planning this year but can't make the meeting can e-mail or follow along on the organization's Facebook page or their website