Moving to a new community is challenging, moving to a new country, with a different language, culture and customs is the next level. In recent years, Weyburn has seen an ongoing increase in international newcomers. To help provide essential support, the International Women of Weyburn will be meeting once a month at the Weyburn Public Library. The group temporarily dissolved due to the COVID restrictions but now after three years apart, the group will be gathering again. 

“The group started for friendship and support, I believe it's really impacted many women to find confidence, and finding their purpose, and a place in society and even in their families,” said Bindu Cherian, Director of International Women of Weyburn.  

The group regularly features guest speakers and is open to all women. 

“We’ve had many guest speakers to encourage these women, but of course, it’s open to all women, we are all international women in some way, you don’t have to be a newcomer to be a part of it,” said Cherian. 

The group will meet this Saturday at 10 am at the Weyburn Public Library and will continue to meet once a month.  For more details, you can call Bindu Cherian at (306)436-3107.  As the Cherians also pastor the Lighthouse Church, you can also message Bindu on the church's Facebook page HERE.