The Radville community is gearing up for an exciting journey with plans to unveil a brand-new swimming pool and campground, along with extensive upgrades and renovations to the Radville Recreation Centre. The overall project expenses are projected to exceed $4.8 million. While the provincial and federal governments have allocated $2.5 million toward the project, the community must raise the remaining $2.3 million. 

Numerous sponsorship opportunities are available, and Kingston Midstream has generously contributed to the cause, attaining the status of a Gold Level Sponsor. 

“We're so excited to announce that we've had great support on the $4.8 million project. Of course, we did receive funding from the government of $2.5 million, but our portion to raise is $2.3 million. Kingston Midstream donated $50,000, and we’re so excited and we’ve had lots of other donations too that we will be announcing soon,” said Fundraising Coordinator, Shauna Bourassa. 

Bourassa outlined that among the sponsorship opportunities is a naming rights package, with Kingston Midstream securing naming rights for the playground. 

“It’s so exciting to see things happening and to create a legacy for future generations.” 

Bourassa also shared that the playground and pool are expected to be open this summer. 

Exterior of Pool House (photo courtesy of Radville Laurier Regional Park)Exterior of Pool House (photo courtesy of Radville Laurier Regional Park)

For the latest updates on the project, you can stay informed by following the Radville Laurier Regional Park Facebook page.