The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) is preparing for Mental Health Week, commencing on Monday, May 6th. An innovation unique to Weyburn and its surrounding areas is the distribution of community door hangers, the brainchild by Constable Melinda Mintenko. As this initiative enters its third year, Constable Mintenko reflects on the inspiration behind the door hangers. 

“I've been policing for nearly 25 years and it was upsetting to see many people not know who to call when struggling or in a crisis. Some didn't know that the Weyburn Police Service is a 24-hour service and that we're here to help. And I wanted everyone to know where to call or attend if they were in need of support. So, I approached my superiors and then, of course, Tasha.” 

Tasha Collins, Program Director, for the Canadian Mental Health Association, Weyburn Branch explains that while the initiative is to create greater awareness around community resources it is also a call to action. 

“The goal of this initiative really is to raise awareness, reduce some stigma and nurture a stronger, more inclusive community,” explained Collins. 

“We know that community is critical for the overall well-being of everyone and when we're not connecting with each other, mental health issues rise and we're still bouncing back from the pandemic and that was a hard time for everybody. And our community saw with it an increase in addictions and overdoses and even loss of lives. And so, we came up with the idea to display a door hanger with the simple act, which show our neighbors that we recognize, that we all struggle and at some point it opens up an avenue to talk about the things that are going on that might be a tough in our life, thereby creating community connection, kind of like a piece of encouragement to continue, that we continue our journeys,” added Mintenko. 

The green door hangers are set to span a wide region, with distribution targeting local rural municipalities. On Thursday, May 2nd, Weyburn This Week will oversee the delivery to all residents of Weyburn, while the Chamber of Commerce will handle distribution to all member businesses. Each hanger will feature a QR code, enabling smartphone users to scan and access a website offering mental health resources. 

In a show of support area residents are encouraged to hang the door hangers on their front door throughout Mental Health Week, which will run from May 6th to May 12th. 

“I really just want to encourage our community to get involved, take action, and let's paint the town green! I mean, we do it for the Riders why not do it for Mental Health Week,” added Collins. 

Door hanger