It’s a bargain finder's dream this weekend at Little Discoveries Early Learning Co-operative garage sale and that’s not all! You can also get entered to win one of their many destination trips which include New York! 

“We’re also having our biggest fundraiser of the year. We'll be selling tickets for it. It's called Trip of the Month. There are 12 trips to be won. It runs all year round and 13 cash prizes. If you get in before the early bird deadline of June 21st, it's $100 a ticket and there's only 1000 tickets sold. The last time we did this fundraiser right before COVID, it sold out. So, you’ll want to grab your tickets fast,” said Janelle Hazell Volunteer. 

Hazell also shared some of the trips include Cancun, Cuba, Disney Land, and Las Vegas, there are also vouchers to be won for those who don’t feel comfortable travelling long distances which include Saskatoon and the Moose Jaw Spa. 

Buying tickets before the Early Bird deadline of June 21 will also get you entered to win $500.00. 

Two draws will be taken on the second Wednesday of every month, second place will win $100.00, and first place will take home a trip. July will kick off the Trip of the Month winnings with the first destination winner taking a trip to New York. 

“We are trying to buy a passenger van so that our kids can go on excursions around Weyburn.” 

You can pick your tickets up at the garage sale this weekend, it will run on Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm and Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm. Shoppers are asked to park in the Little Discoveries parking lot and use the back entrance. Tickets can also be purchased from any of the 95 families that attend the daycare.