The Weyburn Therapeutic Animal Park (WTAP) is getting ready to open for another season, and the family-friendly organization is in need of some volunteers for its spring cleanup and some help for the duration of the season. 

“We're looking for anyone who wants to help with leaves and branch removal and basically just getting everything looking really nice for the season,” said Jody Larsen, President of the Executive Board WTAP. “We're also looking for ongoing volunteers during the season and that doesn't necessarily have to be doing animal chores, there's lots of other things that people could get involved in.” 

WTAP photo by Bernadette MullenWeyburn Therapeutic Animal Park (photo by Bernadette Mullen)

“Typically, we'll have a spring cleanup and try to have a one-day work bee where we get as many people out. But the great thing about volunteering with us is that if you have a couple of hours in an evening and you want to spend with the animal park, you can go independently as your schedule allows.” 

Larsen shared there is a list of chores and tasks that the board will agree upon, and then volunteers as their schedules permit are encouraged to complete the tasks. 

There are many ways to help, from ground maintenance to watering flowers, to helping plan and attend different events including the season opener which will kick off Sunday, June 11. 

While details for the opening are still being finalized there will be some special guests invited to the event which includes Houligan Acres with their special brand of fur babies as well as a surprise photographer who will be on location capturing all the excitement. 

“The plan is that we're going to have some ways that people can interact with some animals. We're looking at some pony rides, in some ways that people can kind of get up close and personal with some of the smaller animals. There will also be a therapy animal there that will be available to have some photos taken with.” 

WTAP photo by Bernadette MullenWeyburn Therapeutic Animal Park (photo by Bernadette Mullen)


The WTAP gates are now open, kids can enjoy the play structure as well as take a stroll through the park. Onlookers are reminded to watch for signage on each of the pens so that they can be confident about what can and cannot be fed to the animals.  

For more details on how to volunteer you can go to the Weyburn Therapeutic Animal Park Facebook page here