Nothing can rally the people of Weyburn more than a worthy cause to support. This year, the team at Agriterra Equipment aims to give back to the community that so warmly welcomed them to this corner of the province just 7 years ago. Curtis Seitz is the Branch Manager for the Weyburn Agriterra location, and as their third annual Food Drive opens in support of the Salvation Army, he marvels at the opportunity to strengthen their growing relationships in the Southeast.

"We're fairly new here, our ownership is actually in Alberta," he said. "But all the same, I feel we've been really well received into the community. Our customers, although new, have become increasingly loyal and Weyburn supports us every time we have an event, so I couldn't be more proud to be a part of this community."

"There is never a bad time to be kind. I think the world could use a little more kindness, and this is one way to kickstart that."

Although their motivation to bring some extra joy to the people that have supported the young business is strong and always building, the Agriterra team is also setting their sights on winning a friendly competition between the many branches that make up their network. It's a feat that will take teamwork, determination, and plenty of generous donations, but Seitz believes that the timing has never been better.

"This year, I think we've all come to recognize some of the hardships that are going around, and I feel that we're in a position to try and help with that," he said. "Our goal is to gather 80 pounds of food per employee. If we can reach that goal, then we should be in the running! Last year we managed just over 12 pounds per employee, so we have a ways to go to catch those other branches."

Seitz is confident the gap can be filled, but not without the help of everyone able and willing to support their endeavor. Collections are now open on-location at Agriterra, located just South of Highway 13 on Minard Rd., and will continue until December 15th. Seitz was proud to share that they've made contributing to the Food Drive easier than ever this year, offering local pickups for those unable to deliver their food and cash donations.

"I have a large truck that we can head down and do whatever pickups we need to. Our phone number out here is 306-848-3800, just give me a shout here at the office!"

AgriterraThe Weyburn Agriterra Branch, located at 8, Minard Rd., just South of Highway 13

 Seitz thanked the community in advance for their support, adding a few wise words to consider as we enter the season of giving.

"You know what," he mused. "There is never a bad time to be kind. I think the world could use a little more kindness, and this is one way to kickstart that."

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