The Weyburn District Planning Commission has appointed Nick Coroluick as their new Chairperson. 

Coroluick served on Weyburn City Council for nine years, and ran for mayor in 2020.  

“I haven't been on the Planning Commission before, the joint Weyburn and district planning,” said Coroluick. “But I was on council when we first brought in the original concept of working tight with RM on long term planning and that was called the Weyburn 2020 and I was just a committee member at that time.” 

Coroluick said that he wouldn’t call himself a liaison between the City of Weyburn and RM of Weyburn, but that the commission allows the city and the RM to work together. 

“I've always felt that that what's good in the RM is also good in the city, and vice versa. Historically speaking there has been some rift between the two municipalities, but I think Weyburn has one of the best relationships going and has had for quite a few years and it’s due to things like the Planning Commission.” 

He added that he has been very impressed with how the City has been working with the RM in recent years.  

“From the country living estate so just outside of our city limits, the different commercial properties, and events that have been going on, and then also just working together making things good for all of our citizens rather than just half of them.” 

Coroluick said that there have been many good Chairs of the Planning Commission in the past, and he hopes to be able to prove himself. 

“I'm looking forward to it, it's going to be a good challenge and I think it's an exciting way of doing things. Not enough communities in the province work together like this.” 

He will chair his first meeting on Friday, March 25.