In June, Ogema stepped into the spotlight as the latest filming location for Historica Canada, renowned for its beloved Canadian Heritage Minute commercials. Excitement is building in Ogema and the surrounding area as they anticipate an exclusive pre-screening of the upcoming Mary 'Bonnie' Baker commercial later this month.

Mary Struthers, a dedicated Ogema resident and volunteer for the Ogema Grandstand Restoration project, sheds light on how their community secured the coveted role as a Heritage Minute backdrop.

"In the spring, Barbershop Films reached out to a local volunteer, Kyle Leonard. They were in search of a location featuring a train, and Ogema was a perfect fit with our train station. They also needed a ball diamond and a grandstand, and we had it all right here, so they chose our site."

While the film shoot itself spanned just two days, Historica Canada shared with Discover Weyburn that crafting a one-minute commercial takes a substantial 10 to 12 months, primarily devoted to ensuring historical accuracy.

The televised and internet debut of the Mary 'Bonnie' Baker commercial is scheduled for release in October. However, Ogema residents and the public can enjoy a special pre-screening event on Thursday, September 28.

Struthers details the event: "The pre-screening is open to the public. Doors open at 5:30 PM, offering taco-in-a-bag and refreshments, along with a cash bar and a silver collection. The actual program begins at 7:00 PM."

In addition to the pre-screening, Struthers reveals that they will also be showcasing a film providing further insights into the grandstand restoration project, making it an evening of both entertainment and community engagement.

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