Calling all singers, dancers and musicians in Weyburn, Estevan, and the surrounding communities. It's your chance to shine:  Midale'S Got Talent is coming May 5th to the Midale Civic Centre. 

Lois Feaver, Board Member with the Midale Plus One Club, said it's a fundraiser for their local 4-H Club and is free for anyone to attend. 

"Anybody who's talented, we want them to come on out. We have some acts signed up already, so we've got people singing, dancing, and playing instruments."

Sign up by contacting Lois at 306-458-7258, Linda at 306-458-2551, via e-mail us, or via Facebook Messenger to The Midale Plus One Club Inc. 

"If you know someone who has some hidden talent, or you would like to show off your singing voice, comedic talent, instrumentals, dance, or something completely new, let us know," she encouraged.

Prizes will be awarded to top performers, but it's really just all for fun.

"We have some judges, but we don't want that to deter anybody. They will be adding in some comedic relief and some heartfelt compliments along the way as well. So we really just want some people to join in, and the more acts the better, and we all think that it would just be a great night if we had a lot of people join in."

Feaver said they want as many people to come out as possible, which is why admission to the event is free.

"Our local 4-H club are actually going to be helping us out by running the canteen, so we've got pretty much all the junk food that you would need and everything with regards to the night, and we'll also have some popcorn which will be homemade and everything. We got a big popcorn maker and everything that's been donated," she added.

Fundraising is made possible thanks to local businesses and some raffles they'll be holding throughout the event. 

"We've got one big large raffle item, and we also always do at most of our events a 50/50 draw as well. 

Performers arrive at 6:30 p.m., and doors open at 7:00 at the Midale Civic Centre, which is upstairs at 128 Haslem Street in Midale. 

The event is being held by the Midale Plus One Club, a community service organization dedicated to making a positive difference in the community. 

"We believe in giving back to our community and reinvesting funds locally, and the club donates to many local sports teams, the school breakfast program, we maintain our local Manley Park, school bursaries and so much more, and we also have our annual Santa Claus parade that draws a large crowd and of course, tends to get bigger every single year. "

She said the event was held previously in 2014, as the club was actually an offshoot of the Lions Club in Midale and now it's taking on a life of its own. 

"Everything that we do, the funds go back into the community with some way, shape or form, and the best part about the Plus One Club is that we see a need and we try and fill that need," she noted. "We're constantly in the community trying to come up with new ideas."

Because Midale no longer has a grocery store the organization is also starting a farmers market this summer on Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. starting in May and going all the way through to September.