On December 14th, around 5:30 p.m., security cameras in the pharmacy section of the Prairie Sky Coop grocery store captured two individuals shoplifting in the personal hygiene and grooming aisle. Later that same evening, at around 6:00 p.m., cameras captured the same two individuals stealing from a similar section of the Wholesale Club. The Weyburn Police Service has not yet been able to positively identify the suspects and are continuing to accept leads from the public that may reveal their names or whereabouts.

While the identity of the thieves remains a mystery, their haul has left investigators equally perplexed. The stolen items? Approximately $2,000 worth of personal shaving razors. Some likely theories have been proposed by those working the case as to why they would steal these items in particular, but motives cannot be confirmed until the offenders are caught. 

"There's a lot of thoughts behind that," said Weyburn Police Chief Jamie Blunden. "Are they for resale? Are they for shipping off somewhere else, maybe to some family members? We don't really know because we haven't caught the individuals yet. But I can say that they came in and did quite a bit of a number on some of our local businesses, so we're still looking for them." 

Security camera footage is currently being shared in hopes of identifying the thieves, with screenshots of the offenders and a short video clip posted to the WPS Facebook page for public access. The WPS has also shared their findings with other agencies in an effort to cast a wider net, while continuing to seek anyone local who may know something about the suspects. 

Once located and positively identified, the thieves will have at least one set of charges to deal with in Weyburn. Chief Blunden explained how the value of items stolen will affect the charges laid upon their arrest.

"Any thefts that we have are broken into two categories," he said. "One is theft under $5,000 and one is theft over $5,000. So, if it's under the $5,000 mark, then it's a lesser charge. If it's over the $5,000 mark, then it's more substantial."

In Saskatchewan, thefts in an amount of more than $5,000 can result in up to 10 years' imprisonment. For thefts less than $5,000, an offender will face no more than 2 years' imprisonment if the Crown proceeds by indictment or no more than 2 years less a day if the Crown proceeds by summary conviction. 

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