“I love working for the people, and I want to have that opportunity again, and so I’m announcing my intention to run for that by-election.” 

The announcement coming from Dana Pretzer that he would be seeking the seat left vacant on Weyburn City Council after the announced resignation of Dick Michel Monday morning. The by-election itself was officially called during the regular council meeting Monday evening and set for May 31st.  

Pretzer was a member of the Weyburn Police Service for more than 30 years before retiring and has also served on school boards in Weyburn. He is hoping to bring the experiences from those roles to the council. 

In terms of what he would be bringing to the council, Pretzer stated that he would work to be the voice of the community, as they are the ones who would be electing him to the role. 

Transparency would also be an important thing for him, as well as ensuring financial responsibility in terms of ensuring city services are properly funded. Safety is another key issue for him, in part due to his experience as a police officer.  

Pretzer is also hoping that more people put their names in for the by-election hoping “that they come forward and say – listen, I’m also a big proponent of Weyburn, I want to do what I can for Weyburn, I want to be the voice of the people – and put their name forward too.” 

Nominations for the by-election officially open on April 11th, with the deadline for nominations closing on April 26th. The by-election will be held on May 31st.