May 6th to May 12th marks the Canadian Mental Health Association's (CMHA)Mental Health Week. This week serves to raise awareness about mental health, acknowledging that individuals from diverse socio-economic backgrounds may encounter mental health challenges. It emphasizes the message of hope and the availability of resources during times of crisis. 

The green Community Door Hangers are unique to Weyburn and the surrounding area, a collaborative effort between the Canadian Mental Health Association and the Weyburn Police Service. The door hangers contain a QR code and when scanned with a smart device redirects users to a website containing a wealth of community resources. However, now the QR code can be found in more places. 

“The Weyburn Police Service has added the mental health QR codes to the back of our business cards. So, anyone receiving a business card from us can take their phone and scan the card, and when you scan that, that will take you to the CMHA website which will list various helping resources in our community and beyond. Different help lines and numbers that are active,” explained Constable, Melinda Mintenko. 

QR Code

To maximize outreach, Constable Mintenko has distributed window clings to local businesses, ensuring comprehensive coverage across the area. 

“In addition to our Door Hanger Campaign this year and in the last two years, we have been spreading the QR code throughout the community on window clings, that have been distributed to many different businesses. I'm going to say the majority of businesses at least downtown. They've been distributed to schools and parks on benches, all over and again, Melinda has done a lot of the legwork in distributing these window clings,” shared Tasha Collins, Program Director CMHA. 

For more information on Mental Health Week and events you can follow the CMHA Weyburn Facebook page.