The Weyburn Police Service was out on Friday for a traffic enforcement project as everyone was heading into the Victoria Day long weekend. The weekend is notorious for impaired driving charges throughout the province – and the country – but this year, the check stop wound up having very little in the way of issues.  

“There were over 70 vehicles that were checked for sobriety, proper driver’s license, proper registration for vehicles and whatnot,” said Constable Alyssa Kaczmar with the WPS of the check stop. “There was one adult male who was issued a three-day driver’s license suspension after testing positive for THC, so cannabis.” 

“That’s definitely a positive thing,” Kaczmar added when asked about the fact there was just one driver who had any concerns about impaired driving during the enforcement project. “We just continue to hope that people are making good choices when they are about to get behind the wheel.” 

In terms of the checkstops, they are seen as an effective policing tool, as they ensure those who are behind the wheel, should be behind the wheel. 

“I think that these checkstops are just important to do in the community, so our community sees us out there and making sure that the citizens of Weyburn are safe,” Kaczmar concluded.