The Weyburn Red Wings are offering their services to the community as part of their new initiative to increase volunteerism by the players and further develop the values of each young man both on and off the ice. Nick Nielsen, Office and PR Manager for the Red Wings, says they have already had a great start to achieving their 40 hours per week goal by assisting with various labor jobs around Weyburn. 

"We were out at the golf course doing some refurbishing on the picnic tables there, we also helped the Family Place move earlier this week. We're also gearing up to go help remove a bunch of old beds from the Ramada next week as well. It's been a good start to the year!"

Although the team may not be able to assist while on the road for away games, the Red Wings as a whole are prioritizing service hours for the community when they are back on home turf. It's their way of showing appreciation towards those that support the organization, while also ensuring their players develop into valuable members of society. 

"I think it's something getting lost to some generations, they're not volunteering quite as much as our parents were. Getting these guys volunteering while they're here with the team is so important for making good people in the end. Even for us, our games don't happen without volunteers. Instilling those values in our players is essential so when they leave this program and pursue their next paths in life, they continue to pay it forward."

The intensity of work that the Red Wings can assist with may vary slightly depending on their weekly game schedule, but they are open and willing to discuss any opportunities that are presented to them. To inquire about booking the team, contact Nick Nielsen at (306) 842-2212, or by emailing

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