The southeast has banners being put up to commemorate veterans from the area as Remembrance Day approaches.

Those banners were first put up years ago as part of a program by the Southeast Military Museum.

President and CEO Craig Bird details what people can already see around their communities.

"You'll see a bunch of banners around in the communities around the southeast. We started an initiative here, a couple of years ago with some of the communities and legions in the area to basically commemorate and remember not only the people who had sacrificed in the areas, but also the ones who served and came back and are in the communities, so we give the families an opportunity if they want to commemorate their loved ones that had served to purchase a banner in their community and put them up over the course of their Remembrance Day."

Those have been placed in multiple southeast communities, with that spreading out each year.

"We've had them actually all over the place. We've got 12 communities this year that are involved in the program, you can see them all over. Estevan is one of them, Weyburn, we've got them in Radville, Redvers, Stoughton, Midale, Lampman, we just put them up this year in Whitewood and in Kisbey we added those two communities this year, so it's the first time that they've actually seen those banners in those communities. We hope to add a few more for next year as well, so you'll be seeing them pop up in some other communities as well."

As the program has grown, Bird says he's glad to see plenty of interest.

"It's been really good. We've had a lot of interest, as soon as people see them going up in the communities and they get interest from other communities that want to do that, do the same thing and it's just kind of been growing exponentially from there. A lot of these smaller places don't have the resources to be able to do this sort of thing. So we give them the opportunity. The banners are made locally here in Estevan and in Radville. So we keep everything in the community and all of the support stays in the community as well."

Those banners are usually kept up until well after Remembrance Day, with people being able to see those throughout those southeast towns.

Anyone looking to get a banner put up next year can contact Bird through the Southeast Military Museum's website.

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