A big surprise was presented to the Family Place during today's 50/50 for Kids event, held at RONA Weyburn. Owner Jeff Chessall sent them away with a brand-new barbecue.

"We used to have a big barbecue, it was quite old so it had its time. It was done kind of around COVID time, so what we've been doing is we actually call Jeff at RONA and we borrow a barbecue all the time," explained Executive Director for the Family Place, Dawn Gutzke. 

"And here we are today, working on 50/50 sales at RONA, and he had a big barbecue on for us, all the donations came to the Family Place, and he's sending us home with our very own brand new barbecue to use at the Family Place," she shared. 

Gutzke said they enjoy having barbecues at their events.

"We have our year-end grad coming up with all our families, and we like to cook some hot dogs when we host events. It's nice to be able to cook on site."

She added that their new location at 744 McLelland Street has a really nice green space, "so this will just be the perfect addition for us."

You can get your 50/50 for Kids tickets again tomorrow (Friday, May 17th) while we are on location at Don's Plumbing & Heating from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. You can check our 50/50 for Kids times, locations, and totals HERE.