It was a traffic stop in the early morning hours last Friday that yielded a lot more than just an arrest for impaired driving.  

The Weyburn Police Service received a call about a suspicious vehicle that was at a local business, with a suspected impaired driver behind the wheel. Officers attended the scene and initiated a traffic stop. 

“During the traffic stop, they found that the driver was in fact impaired by drug, and a DRE (Drug recognition exam) was conducted,” explained Constable Kalin Wiebe. “However, due to the intoxication level of that person, it was not successfully completed.”  

As a result of the DRE not being completed, the suspect was taken for a blood draw to test for intoxication levels.  

More was uncovered in the vehicle during the investigation, Wiebe added.  

“During the investigation, police also found a sawed-off firearm in the vehicle,” the officer continued. In addition to the driver, some of the passengers in the vehicle were also charged. The charges include impaired driving, as well as firearms offences.