This Saturday, May 25th, will be a chance for Weyburn residents to dispose of their unwanted hazardous waste items. Household Hazardous Waste Day will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the City's fleet storage building at 55 - 16th Street, which is located behind the Fire Hall.

Superintendent of Public Works for the City of Weyburn, Kevin Linnen said they chose to hold it a bit earlier this year, to avoid potentially conflicting events such as Grad, or the Car Show.

He shares what items they are helping take off residents' hands.

"They can bring adhesives like glue, stuff like that, aerosols, batteries - we take automotive batteries, dry cell, lithium, any household batteries," he explained. "We will take cleaners, different kinds of, say, old fuel, like old gasoline, diesel, kerosene we'll definitely take that, chlorine or bleach, poisons as well too, like your lawn herbicides, rodent poisons, weed killer, old prescriptions we'll take, as well, that have been expired propane cylinders for barbecues or camping, and solvents." 

Linnen said SARCAN will also be open that day to accept any paints or electronics, and the landfill itself will be open that day to accept antifreeze and used motor oil at the City's eco-center. 

"When people come in, they usually have a variety of different things, they will probably take what we can, GFL is the vendor that's helping us out with this program, and then what we don't accept, what they won't take, then we will guide the people into where they need to go, if they need to go to either SARCAN or the landfill for the remainder of their products." 

He explained why this day is so important.

These things are very dangerous, especially for the operators out there. Also, too, with the environmentalists, we've got to make sure that we're abiding by our landfill's operations plan. So we can't have that kind of stuff basically floating out and about. If some of that stuff gets very volatile sitting out there and could be explosive. So we want to make sure this stuff is disposed of properly." 

Linnen added that everyone needs to bring ID so that there is proof they are a Weyburn resident.

Those who can't attend this Saturday can drop off their items in advance at the Public Works building. If they bring it after the event, it'll be stored for next year's disposal.

"It is definitely preference to try to be here on that day for sure," he added.

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