Brokenshell Parks and Recreation is gearing up for its second annual Trossachs Times. With the success of last year’s event, the park is expanding to create a bigger spectacle with more attractions for all ages. 

“Our goal is to bring more life into the community, have more family-friendly events, bring people together,” shared Daphne Cheguis, Media Marketer for Brokenshell Parks and Recreation. 

“We decided we wanted to go a little bit bigger, we will be starting the day off on August 12th at 11:00 with a car show, we will have a barbecue lunch, as well as our monthly market.”  

There will be lots of opportunities for the kids to burn off some energy and all ages will have a chance to put on their creative hats. 

“We're going to have bouncy castles, face paint, a sprinkler station which was really popular last year, tie-dye and paint, outdoor kids' games. We're hoping to have a dunk tank, a steak supper, and a street dance, and hopefully live music.” 

Included on the schedule are a steak supper and an evening street dance.  

“We are looking for musicians, we are also looking for sponsors this year, instead of just holding the event ourselves for regular upkeep, we are actually using it as a fundraising event to make our hall wheelchair accessible.  

Currently, the Trossachs Community Hall is not user-friendly for those with disabilities. The bathrooms are located in the basement and the main hall is upstairs. The fundraising goal is to provide an outdoor ramp and an interior chair lift.  

“It just doesn’t make sense to not have a wheelchair-accessible building,” said Cheguis. 

Currently, registration is open for vendors, the car show, musicians, and sponsorship. To get involved you can contact Daphne Cheguis at (306)897-7422 or you can go to the Brokenshell Parks and Recreation Facebook page here