Seed N Feed driven by Great Plains Ford continues this week! Over the past few days, we treated Chris Procyk and the crew at Four Mile Partnership and Kelly Ashworth at Ashworth Farms Ltd. to some delicious Boston Pizza! 

Chris and the crew farm just north of Fillmore and have wheat, lentils, peas, canola, AND oats on the go this year.  

Kelly is a bit more south but has a similar operation going and noted that they are closing in on the finish line (below are some of Kelly's crew..his wife Janice and Lachlan)! 

Ashworth Farms

Seed N Feed will be continuing over the next few weeks and your farm crew could be next to win a Boston Pizza lunch. Enter here and find all the details.   

Special thanks to Great Plains Ford, Boston Pizza, and all our sponsors, including I-Zan Tire, Don’s Plumbing and Heating, Loewen Agencies, MecTec Transport, South Country Equipment, Kal-Tire, Weyburn Livestock Exchange, Canadian Tire, E. Bourassa and Sons, Fisk Repair and Rentals, Quality Plumbing and Heating, Cowtown and Prairie Heritage Seeds.