Seed N Feed driven by Great Plains Ford is back for another year!  

Yesterday Gary Kopec and Kopec Farms became the first recipients of a delicious Boston Pizza lunch.  

Kopec noted that they were still working hard, despite the rain.  

“We were out until about 3 in the morning last night just trying to get done up before the rain,” he said. “I was sticking on durum. We’ve got another couple of days at durum and then on to flax and then canola and then we’ll be finished up. So we’re almost half done here.” 

He noted that they, along with many other farmers, are planning to just keep at seeding no matter what mother nature throws their way.  

“Yeah, just no matter what we just keep it going and trying to survive the wind and trying to be able to get it sprayed and stuff. It’s kind of challenging but it’ll all work out.” 

Gary may have won our first Boston Pizza lunch but there is still lots more to go around! You can enter your hard-working farm crew here

Special thanks to Great Plains Ford, Boston Pizza, and all our sponsors, including I-Zan Tire, Don’s Plumbing and Heating, Loewen Agencies, MecTec Transport, South Country Equipment, Kal-Tire, Weyburn Livestock Exchange, Canadian Tire, E. Bourassa and Sons, Fisk Repair and Rentals, Quality Plumbing and Heating, Cowtown and Prairie Heritage Seeds.