It’s Day Two of Seed N Feed driven by Great Plains Ford and, despite the rain, we headed back out to treat another hard-working farm crew to some delicious Boston Pizza.  

Chris Mass and his crew are working hard to get the crops in the ground and he said that even rainy days are busy days.  

“I have to put one of my tractors back together today, actually,” he laughed, adding that when it rains they are generally working on repairs.  

He added that he, like many farmers in the area, grow a wide variety of crops. 

“You’ve got to have a rotation,” he explained. “It’s usually a pulse crop, which is lentils in my case, or some people grow peas or chickpeas or soybeans or something like that. Then you need a cereal, which is like durum, wheat, spring wheat or canary seed. Then an oil seed, which is usually canola but it can be mustard too. Then that’s a three-year rotation so you don’t get disease and stuff like that.” 

Seed N Feed will be continuing over the next few weeks and your farm crew could be next to win a Boston Pizza lunch. Enter here and find all the details.  

Special thanks to Great Plains Ford, Boston Pizza and all our sponsors, including I-Zan Tire, Don’s Plumbing and Heating, Loewen Agencies, MecTec Transport, South Country Equipment, Kal-Tire, Weyburn Livestock Exchange, Canadian Tire, E. Bourassa and Sons, Fisk Repair and Rentals, Quality Plumbing and Heating, Cowtown and Prairie Heritage Seeds.