It's a windy day in the Southeast with threats of rain and thunderstorms looming in the forecast. Today's winner of Seed 'n Feed, Nikole Dorsch, shared that they pulled an all-nighter trying to get as much done as possible before the weather takes a turn for the worst. Our own Marna McManus made today's delivery, taking a cruise Southeast towards the town of Ralph in the new F-150 provided by Great Plains Ford. There, she met up with Dorsch and her crew as they attempted to get their Drill rolling again after a minor breakdown.

"I was in the Drill all night, and they came to fill me up every four hours. I Switched off to Dean at 5am so he could move our equipment to another field and as you can see, we're now replacing a wheel bearing on the side of the road!"

Dorsch said they are planting four different crops this year: Canola, Durum, Flax, and Peas. Thanks to Loewen Agencies in Radville for sponsoring today's delivery, a hot lunch turned out to be a great morale boost for getting through the scramble of beating the impending storm. 

"We had a bit of a late start this year, but all you can do is just keep getting your crop in the ground and keep on keepin' on!"

Great Plains Ford and Golden West will be delivering more hot lunches to the fields for a randomly chosen winner every weekday for the remainder of May. You can nominate your favorite farmer for a chance to win HERE.