Amidst the hustle of final exams, the Weyburn Public Library extends a warm invitation to diligent teenagers to drop by for a refreshing smoothie. Joanne Smith, the Teen Programmer, shares the specifics.

“We thought they (students) might need a little bit of a pick me up just to get over that last day. So, we're offering at the library on Monday at 4:30 p.m., 'Study with a Smoothie.' It's just a chance for them to come to get together, study in a group or by themselves, whichever they want, and then just give them a smoothie as a little energy, pick me up, a little incentive to keep going.” 

For smooth operations and ample supplies, Joanne kindly encourages pre-registration. Reach out to the Weyburn Public Library at (306) 842-4352 to secure your spot.

Smoothie Poster