Hunting season in Saskatchewan means members of the public will be walking or traveling in rural areas across the province, with authorities asking people to keep an eye out.

Since those areas aren’t necessarily frequented by people during the rest of the year, the Saskatchewan RCMP is asking people to be on the lookout for a missing person.

“We are asking hunters to keep an eye out for any signs of Frances Gazeley, who was reported missing in December last year. No one has spoken with her since December 7, 2021,” says Superintendent Josh Graham, officer in charge of Saskatchewan RCMP Major Crimes.

“Frances was known to wear a purple/blue-ish winter coat and short black boots, but keep an eye out for any clothing or other items that seem out of place or normally wouldn’t be there. If you are hunting in rural areas near Weyburn, Ceylon, Minton, Bengough, or Colgate, we’re asking you to please keep an eye out and report anything suspicious to the police right away.”

The family of Gazeley says that the effort put into the search so far has been appreciated, and hopes that some more can bring closure to the case.

“Our family would like to express how much we appreciate all the efforts thus far in the search for Frances,” says Tammy Williams, Gazeleys daughter. “We know of all the hours and miles covered by the RCMP and also local residents. We all hope for news – we just want to know where my mom is. My children need to know what happened to their grandma. If you’re out in a remote area and see anything unusual, please contact your local RCMP or police service.”