The latest job numbers from Statistics Canada were released Friday morning. 

The Regina-Moose Mountain Economic Region, which includes Regina, Weyburn and Estevan as well as surrounding communities, the unemployment rate was 3.7 percent in December. This was one of the lowest in the country, and was on par with the provincial rate of 3.7 percent. These numbers were not adjusted for seasonality. 

When Regina was taken out of the equation, the unemployment rate for the area was 2.3 percent. This was unchanged from the unemployment rate in November, and down from 3.1 percent in December of 2021.  

The unemployment rate in the southeast was also well below the national average of 5.0 percent. The national unemployment rate came down in December by 0.1% thanks to 104,000 more people working last month compared to November. The 5.0 percent is also just above the record low of 4.9 percent reached in June and July of last year.