As Weyburn receives the first substantial snowfall in a number of weeks, many people are looking for their shovels, scrapers and snowblowers to start cleaning things up.  

The Weyburn Police Service would also like to remind residents of the bylaws when it comes to snow removal, as it is something they receive calls on from time to time.  

“It requires property owners to remove debris, snow, so on and so forth, on sidewalks to allow for safe passage of pedestrians on those sidewalks,” explained Constable Kalin Wiebe. “We do ask that when a person is shovelling their sidewalks to shovel the debris or snow onto their own property. This will just allow better flow for traffic, and not pack the snow up on the city streets.” 

Those who don’t clear the snow from the sidewalk and driveway could find themselves getting a fine, but that isn’t what the Weyburn Police Service wants to see. 

“Ultimately, we want to avoid that and just have people clean their sidewalks after a snow event sooner than later.”