A new, two-screen movie theatre will be built in Weyburn as soon as next year. 

"We're talking with equipment and layout, we're getting designs done up," said Corey Morrissette, board member of the Weyburn Theatre Project. "So it's full steam ahead, we just need to get the fundraising in order and she'll be up before you know it."

The WTP is also currently working on having a website go up soon, weyburntheatre.com 

"We're doing it in conjunction with WRED (Weyburn Regional Economic Development) and the (Weyburn) Chamber (of Commerce), so we do have some expertise with that," noted WTP board member Ryan Janke.

While the site is not yet live, Morrissette explained they wanted to change the marquee to reflect the site is still being created, by adding 'coming soon' with the site address.

"We cleaned out a bunch of stuff that we want to keep for, like maybe for the museum or even for a little archival piece we want to put the new theatre," he noted. "We thought we'd better change the marquee while we were there, so we ought to put coming soon and the website address which is purchased, it's just the web site is not quite up yet."

Janke chimed that the site will be officially where one can find details about all of the fundraising opportunities.

"What's available, still, and how people can get involved with them," he said.

Morrissette added, "and it'll also answer a bunch of questions that people might have about the theatre, like the number of screens, are we going to be a first-run theatre, what they could expect for movies coming in, and the amenities were going to offer at it." 

Being independent, they noted, has its perks. 

"We'll be looking at all sorts of organizations through town for different promotions, maybe dinner and a movie, that kind of stuff, so being a local, independent theatre grants us a lot of freedom in the different fields we could offer." 

"We want to partner with the many local organizations we possibly can, and get to it," said Janke. "A high tide raises all boats so we can promote downtown businesses, they can promote us, everybody wins."

"Our goal is to, by the end of this year, have the building down to bare land, with construction to start next year, but that very much depends on fundraising," Janke explained. "So I mean, the faster we have the money, the faster we can get going."

Morrissette is also producing a documentary on the old Soo Theatre. Read more HERE.