In case you missed it, in March, the Weyburn Kin Club launched the third annual Grillin' 'n; Chillin' Raffle fundraiser for Telemiracle.

Club Secretary Adrian Prybylski said the first draw is a smoker from Prairie Sky Coop and a $50 gift card for Maurer's Meats; the second draw is for a prize package from Home Hardware that includes two bottles of wine, two Yeti mugs, and two lounging lawn chairs; third draw is for a Moonshine Basket from Bandit's Distillery.

He said they raise funds for TeleMiracle year-round. 

"We place our fundraising in strategic moments of the year, just right after where it's still fresh in people's minds and then in the fall, are our ideal times to raise funds for TeleMiracle."

He said you can get your $10 tickets from any Kin Club member or via Facebook.

"If you go to Facebook and message us, we will write you up a ticket and then either hand it to a person or send you a copy of it," he explained, adding that e-transfers are accepted.

"It's for a good cause, and what's $10, really? You can buy as many as you want."

Prybylski noted this year's ticket count has gone up, with 500 available.

"We hope to sell out again. We thank everyone who has purchased a ticket and is helping us out."

He added that the draw date will be during their regular club meeting this Thursday, May 2nd at 7:00 p.m., at the Wor-Kin Shop. Anyone who wants to attend the draw in person can join them for that and, if they want, can also stay after for their meeting.

A version of this story (in the related article link below) was originally published on March 14th, 2024.