A call from a hotel room in Weyburn ended in a visit to the Weyburn General Hospital for one person early Saturday morning.  

Police Chief Jamie Blunden said the call to 9-1-1 came in just before 3:00 a.m. Saturday morning, and the person hung up. As a result, police went to the scene. 

“We located an individual that was very, very intoxicated, and as a result, we ended up calling EMS,” explained the police chief. “The EMS came out, and we ended up having her transported to the hospital to be seen medically.” 

The call wasn’t the only one involving someone who was extremely intoxicated in the past week for the WPS. Earlier that same night, police responded to a call from a home on Butters Bay, after a call from a resident who saw someone trying to enter the home on their doorbell camera.  

“Our members went down; they were able to locate the male’s hat as well as a couple of other things,” Blunden said of the second incident. Then, a few moments later the police received a second call from another home, just two doors down. 

“The male had actually wandered down to that one, and was trying to get into that place,” elaborated Blunden. “Subsequently, he was arrested for being intoxicated in a public place. He was detained and held with no charges, just pending him getting sober and getting on his way. So that worked out well for the individual. He did get a place to sleep for the night.” 

Then, early in the evening Saturday, another incident involving alcohol. 

“We had another individual call us, off of Eaglesham Avenue, reported that the make was there, had been drinking, and ultimately was carrying on for the day on the tailgate of his truck,” Blunden said. Officers went to the scene, where the man was given a ticket for drinking in public.  

“It came down to discretion as well, because the individual was around his vehicle, and again, when people are drinking, and they have access to keys, they could be charged criminally for care and control of their vehicle,” the chief of police continued.  

Another incident happened that night, or rather, early Sunday morning, as the call came in around 5:00 a.m. 

“We had a call on 3rd Avenue where we had a report that an individual male had just walked into the house, and he ended up passing out on the couch of this caller’s house,” Blunden described of the situation. “We went down and arrested the individual for being inside that residence. He ultimately was at the wrong place. He thought he was at his place, so based on that, our members didn’t charge him for anything criminal. They ended up bringing him home, and of course, this individual had to answer to his father, and hopefully learned his lesson from that.” 

In all, the Weyburn Police Service received 86 calls for service in the period from April 8th to 14th. These calls would result in eight charges. One of the charges was under the Criminal Code, with six under the Traffic Safety Act, and one under the Alcohol and Gaming Regulation Act.