The Weyburn Chamber of Commerce has announced the annual Summer Parade will be happening on July 4th at 10:30 a.m.

Office Administrator Ashton Lorieau said float registration can be done online or in person at the Chamber office, and it's open to the general public.

"You can either come in to the Weyburn Chamber of Commerce office to sign up, or you can register on our website (HERE)."

She said you do not have to be a business owner or even a Chamber member to have a float in the parade.

"It's always such a good time for everybody to come on down," she commented. "We give first and second prizes out to the best floats, there's candy, and sometimes freezies, animals, puppies."

There is also no charge to register to have a float, "So the parade is free to enter and it's great day to promote yourself in a fun environment."