Who doesn't love fudge? Even if you don't, the chances are good you know someone who does, and it's the perfect time of year to help support a local Junior Achievement company of 17-year-old entrepreneurs.

This semester's Entrepreneurship 30 Class at Weyburn Comprehensive School has formed a company - Sweets & Treats Co. The product line includes fudge and other small treats including chocolate-dipped pretzels, chocolate-covered popcorn, fudge pops, and assorted trays. They launched the business this month and will continue into January of 2024.

Co-presidents Hudson Bourassa and Jenna Knupp, along with co-vice presidents of Marketing, Sophia Jordens and Brasen Sim, visited the Discover Weyburn studios earlier this week.

"Sweets & Treats is set to be a successful business," shared Jenna Knupp. "We strive to bring homemade eco-friendly goods to everyone within our community and to serve a variety of exceptional treats that will satisfy any sweet tooth."

Sim said they got some advice in the early stages from the owner of RONA Weyburn, Jeff Chessall, Executive Director of the Weyburn Chamber of Commerce, Monica Osborn, and General Manager of Community Futures Sunrise, Andria Brady.

"I don't think any of us have ever experienced like an actual board meeting and we were lucky enough to see three of Weyburn's biggest mentors to come and kind of coach us, to teach us a little bit about our business and our plan. So that was a really cool experience, but I don't think any of us had really experienced that before."

While a number of those involved in Entrepreneurship 30 this year had taken part in CF Sunrise's YouthBiz competition in previous years, they said almost their entire class is interested in going into business as a career path.

"A special thanks to Mrs. Arnold for kind of showing us the way, helping us out as we started the business," shared Sim.

Jordens said they're giving a portion of their proceeds to the family of the late Andon Hoff, who tragically passed away in August.

"Sweets & Treats would like to donate 10 percent of our overall sales to this fund to help pay for the memorial and continue his legacy. So the Andon Hoff Memorial Fund is for a very special friend, teammate, and coworker. He was loved by everyone in our community. Andon loved hockey, baseball, trucks, tires, working, and so much more. So we thought that would be a special thing that we could do for him and his family." 

Bourassa explained the rest of the proceeds will be worked into a compensation plan, which is based on time spent in production and sales for each of the 26 students in the class. 

The company is taking orders now, and Bourassa said they'll likely do deliveries of the orders at the end of each week.

Orders can be made by filling out and emailing their form, which can be found on their Facebook page HERE. The forms can also be found below in the image gallery.

"We have quite a few different socials. We have Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and we have a website, but we are going to be taking this to a couple of different businesses because the majority of this is going be catered to Christmas presents, so we'll have the product for sure, out and around. But the majority of it will be online."

Knupp noted that they'll be at a trade show at Knox Hall on December 2nd with their products as well.

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