Temperatures are beginning to fall following a very unseasonably warm week.

Last week Weyburn set a daily record for warmth, with other days skirting close to their records as well.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang says the temperatures won't be falling too low too quickly.

"The cooler air is moving in, just a bit of a sagging of the jet stream, allowing that cooler air to come in. Doesn't look like anything too major concerning really deep arctic air coming down just cooling off more toward seasonal values."

"Average 30-year average highs for this time of year are -7 and overnight lows are around -17. So we're just sort of cooling off towards more seasonal values, but I think everyone's been quite spoiled by this winter."

For this week some above-average days will be around the freezing mark with temperatures barely lowering during the overnight before the weekend.

There's also a threat of snow this week with a potential heavy system coming in just before the weekend.

"There's a weather system, it's a Colorado low to the south, that looks like it's coming up towards the end of the week, but the models haven't decided on which path it is and as is often the case with Colorado lows, if it moves 100 kilometers either way, either you're in on a whole bunch of snow or you miss everything entirely, so we're just trying to figure out what's going to happen with that."

Lang advises that people should take a look at the province's Highway Hotline before heading onto the road.

"When temperatures are this close to freezing, it always makes for slippery road conditions and there's been snow and freezing rain and freezing drizzle across parts of the province through the weekend, so it's worth checking those highway conditions before heading out."