The Weyburn Travel Club is looking to expand into new ventures, in addition to their student tours. They are planning an adult trip for 2024.

Andrea Kerr, Co-Founder of the Weyburn Travel Club, said that they've had community members in the past say, "We should do an adult trip, that would be so much fun!" 

"So we're going to try it out. We're actually planning on going to the French Riviera and Italy next year in 2024 over the Easter break."

Kerr said that the trip will be open to those aged 18 years and older that would like to travel. "That could be anybody that maybe wants to go, but maybe their significant other doesn't necessarily want to go, but they want people to travel with."

Kerr said they are hoping that the community members in Weyburn will be interested in the location they have chosen.

"We want to try to make sure that people that go have some connections with people that are possibly on the trip or might know some other community members so that they're comfortable with traveling, but they don't have to have that as a necessity, they could be new to the community and still go." 

Kerr added that they're hoping to get at least 15 local travellers for the trip, and they could go up to a full bus of about 45.

"We're hoping to get a decent little group so we can go and enjoy some countryside and some of the finer things that the French Riviera has to offer."

Those interested in more information can email Kerr at