The Weyburn Riding and Driving Club faced a tough situation when its 1974 tractor broke down, creating difficult challenges for members to take care of their horses. However, the bleak situation made an unexpected turn thanks to a local business. 

Treasurer, Denise Kennedy shares the details, “We bought an old tractor, and it needed buckets underneath to catch all the fluids. It usually didn't start. The seat had a cushion on it so that nobody would get cut open. Yeah, it was just a lot of fun. No lights on it so we couldn't haul bales at night.” 

With necessary repairs around $20,000, Kennedy explained the group was worried they would be without a tractor which they used to haul the big round bales to feed the horses. 

“South Country Equipment, the local John Deere dealership. They stepped in and they paid half of the amount of the cost to get our tractor properly running. Oh, it was so nice. it was so huge, we never dreamt that we would get the tractor in that type of shape that fast,” shared Kennedy. “There’s no way we could have done it without them.” 

Kennedy extends a warm invitation to anyone who might be looking to board their horse to email, “It’s just a hop, skip, and a jump away.” 

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