The sun is expected to shine for at least part of the day, but there could be more rain on the way today. This comes after the Weyburn area received just over 12 millimetres, or half an inch, on Tuesday – rain that was welcomed by farmers in the area despite coming as seeding is just getting underway.  

“We had three, four days of good weather for seeding,” Garnet Hansen said of the conditions before the rain came. He has a farm south of Weyburn. He acknowledged the timing of the rain will mean a slowdown for a short bit, but that isn’t a bad thing.  

“Most farmers, especially as dry as we were, are certainly not going to turn that rain away and look forward to getting some sunshine, and things will really start going now,” Hansen continued.  

The forecast is calling for rain today and tonight, with the possibility of more tomorrow, and then to start next week. This comes after an abnormally dry April which saw just 1.6 millimetres of rain before Tuesday’s showers.  

While the rain is welcome in terms of helping with the conditions, it isn’t necessarily the only reason why farmers like Hansen like to see rain intermittently during seeding, when operations seem to go at an all-out pace.  

“It’s one of those dozy, rainy days sitting around,” Hansen laughed. “Too many five o’clock mornings, and so that catches up to you after a while.”