Known as a powerhouse of the Country Rock genre who leaves an electrifying experience in his wake, Weyburn-born musician Brayden King has taken his career to new heights since his Golden Ticket break on American Idol. Over the past year, King has performed at more than 100 shows. He's occupied the iconic Ranchman's stage during the Calgary Stampede, brought out the Green and White at the 2023 Labor Day Classic in Regina, and owned the stage at the Boots and Hearts festival in Barrie, Ontario.

Most recently, Brayden was nominated three times for the upcoming Country Music Alberta (CMAB) Awards; Fan's Choice, Rising Male Artist of the Year, and Single of the Year for "Livin' the Dream". He is also honored to perform onstage at the CMAB Awards during the live broadcast in March. Now Brayden is returning to Weyburn to deliver a unique opportunity for local fans to engage with the band at the intimate Tommy Douglas Centre. 

King's experience on the road has honed his ability to read a crowd and anticipate what type of show his audience will receive best. That's why, with this coming performance in Weyburn, he plans to unplug the band and allow for more time to engage with the room.

"This time, there's no amplifiers," said King. "My band and I are bringing acoustic guitars and harmonies. We're going to be sharing a lot of music I haven't released yet and the stories behind those songs, and some covers that are really meaningful to me. With everyone there knowing me so well, I think it's going to be a suitable crowd for this kind of show. I think everyone will want to gain that better understanding of my songs."

King added that he was excited to allow his music to shine through in its raw form and that listeners will appreciate a new perspective on his creative process. One particular story that guests will surely be enthralled by is how a series of chance connections led King to come into possession of a hand-built guitar made by a luthier with Radville origins. Then fans will get to hear that very guitar with their own ears, which has served as a vital songwriting tool for the artist.

Brayden is excited to return to his hometown and offer this unique connection with the community where he began. He said the theme of this visit is very much about quality time spent with the people he cares about.

"The people that are around me are what's important to me," said King. "It's really great to have everyone supporting me, and it's great every time we get to be together. And it's really important for me to get to see the people I love there."

All ages are welcome to this evening with King. Find the poster HERE.