The Torquay arena was busy last night, as the community gathered to raise money for STARS with the VIP being Easton Daae.  

Easton and his friends were tasked with skating laps of the rink for one hour with supporters pledging per lap. The kids on the ice took turns bearing the flag to mark each lap completed.  

“We wanted to do something where Easton could give back and he loves hockey. He loves Skating so much,” said Lauren Daae. “We thought what is something is he can do and he can contribute to and be his best self and skating is what came to mind.” 

Lauren Daae said that she was overwhelmed by the turnout, and it was great to see everybody that took the time to be together and have fun and support someone so important in their lives.  

“The community is just always there to support us as family and reach out and they’re seeing the benefit service that STARS is for our province,” said Dan Daae. “They’re quick to recognize when something is important to support.”  

“I don’t really care about them supporting me. I’m more just thinking about STARS right now, just so they can keep flying,” said Easton Daae.  

“On the worst day of your life accidents that nobody thinks they’re going to go through, they were absolutely the best care we could have imagined. Just the way they were there for us they were so calm and knowledgeable and professional,” said Lauren Daae.  

She added that before their family needed STARS she didn’t realize how important the services were.  

“They were top tier like I wish that all healthcare could be that level because they just knew their stuff and just felt we were in the best hands possible in the situation,” said Lauren Daae.   

“To get critical healthcare in the far corners of the province is so difficult, and to have that kind of team to come out to wherever you are or wherever the worst day is that you might have hopefully never have that and then to know they basically bring the ICU to you,” said Dan Daae.   

“I think it was a good night, and I just want to thank everyone for being here and for Stars, I think they’re very good people,” said Easton Daae.   

You can find out about Easton's STARS journey here. 

The kids completed 153 laps by the end of the hour, bringing the pledge amount to roughly $2000. The total amount raised has not been tallied.