A concerned motorist made a call to the Weyburn Police Service last week, after spotting a vehicle that was pulling a person on a sled down snow-covered streets. Deputy Police Chief Brent Van De Sype with the WPS explained that officers responded to the call, and found the vehicle. 

“The officers did locate the vehicle, spoke to the driver as well as the person being pulled, and obviously just made them aware of the dangers, as well as they could be charged under the Traffic Safety Act,” Van De Sype said. 

The officers who spoke with the youth stated that they were respectful towards the officers and that they would be looking for a less dangerous way to enjoy the evening.  

The call was one of 83 that the Weyburn Police Service responded to over the course of the week of January 16th to 22nd. Of those 83 calls, 13 resulted in charges – 11 were traffic-related and the other two were criminal code violations. 

In their weekly release, the WPS stated they received a number of routine calls for service, including well-being checks, traffic collisions, parking offences, alarms and bylaw infractions that were related to snow clearing. There were also a number of proactive community-based initiatives, including visiting Weyburn Comprehensive School to talk to students about social media and bullying.