The Young Fellows Club of Weyburn had a very successful 2022, which included celebrating its Centennial Anniversary. 

But what will 2023 look like? 

As noted last week, President Chad Bailey clarified that their concert will not become an annual event. 

"The planning that went into that was just about a year in advance to get lined up and get sponsorships for and everything," he said. "We had our own committee designated to do that, and within that, there were different categories that each person looked after. There's a lot of work that went into that."

He noted that, while they don't have any major events planned for this year, they do have some donations planned. 

"As far as donations wise, we do have a few coming up that will shock a few, some sizable donations."

He also noted that they kick off their community services early in the year, with their first event being the Christmas tree pick-up. 

"It's usually the second weekend of January," Bailey said. "That would be around the 13th, 14th, 15th kind of thing. It's after Ukrainian Christmas."

He added that this year the club is really looking forward to distributing the funds gathered over the past few years.