Trossachs Gospel Camp has long been known to provide summer camping opportunities to children and families. Now the organization is expanding its horizons and is offering retreats to business and sport team organizations who would like to provide team building and leadership training to its staff and players. 

Three years ago, Ed Fischer became the Executive Director of the camp, and since he took the leadership role the organization has expanded its services from offering a one- or two-month camping season to now expanding retreat opportunities to outside organizations.  

“We had flooded in 2011 and we got money from the government as a payout for our flood damages, because we wrecked probably 30 cabins. So, then we rebuilt cabins on stilts so that they were safe with less chance of getting flooded. And we had some money left over, so we built a 60 by 120-foot building,” explained Fischer. 

The new build has initiated the Homestead Project. The long-term goal is to have the camp functioning through the winter months, offering its services all throughout the year. 

“We moved a house in there a year and a half ago onto a full basement, and we're working at getting that ready. So, my wife and I can actually move to the camp and live there year-round. We have part of the facilities ready year-round and we're just going to keep expanding on the infrastructure so we have more of that and can take more people through the winter.” 

Homestead Project (photo courtesy of TGC website)Homestead Project (photo courtesy of TGC website)

Ed Fischer who is also the lead pastor for the Wheatland Community Church is also the volunteer clergy for the Weyburn Red Wings. 

“We had the Weyburn Red Wings there a couple times through the winter doing team building.” 

“We have 10 modern cabins, four of them have water and sewer in them with bathrooms and showers, and then we have the main shower house. Then we have an 18 spot RV park with water, sewer and power to each spot,” explained Fischer. 

Photo courtesy of TGCCabins available with water and sewer (photo courtesy of TGC website)


In the meantime, volunteers are needed to help with regular camp maintenance, as well as tradespeople are needed to help make the new hall fully winterized.  

The long-term goal is to have the new hall complete with a kitchen, dining hall, multiple small meeting rooms as well as one larger meeting room. 

To enquire about retreat opportunities or to volunteer, you can contact Ed Fischer at (306)897-7120 and for more details on the camp amenities you can go to the Trossachs Camp website here