A chance sighting of someone with a pair of bicycles last Wednesday morning prompted a closer inspection by the Weyburn Police Service.  

"With the spring season in full swing, we’re seeing a lot more people on their bicycles,” explained Constable Kalin Wiebe. “However, what we don’t normally see is a person on a bicycle carrying another bicycle. That in itself is suspicious. The officer was suspicious that one of the bikes may have been stolen.” 

When the officer went to investigate, the suspect noticed the police vehicle and fled on foot according to the weekly release from the WPS. The bicycles themselves were abandoned in the alley where the suspect was seen.  

Both of the bicycles were collected and taken to the WPS office. The next day, a call came in to report a bike as being stolen, and it matched the description of one of the bikes recovered the night before. The other bicycle is still at the WPS offices.  

“We do ask that people check their property, and if they are missing a bike, to attend Weyburn Police Service, or phone our office’s non-emergency line to describe the bike, and we will determine whether that’s the bike in question,” Wiebe said.