Sometimes events can be hit-or-miss for those hoping to sell their wares at trade shows and markets, but Saturday was a successful day for vendors at the Nickle Lake Market, which was held as part of Nickle Lake Day.

Among local businesses, collectors, and craftspeople, one of the vendors there was Krystal Glowatski, one of the co-owners of CollabArtive Studios.

"It was an amazing sale," she commented. "It was probably one of the best ones we've done in quite a while. I mean, Gifted, obviously, is one of the top ones that we always do, but that one was really, really impressive. I think there was such a great array of vendors out there."

She said the weather was just perfect as well until the peak sun hit during the last hour.

"It got to be really sweltering, but before that, everybody was just in such good spirits."

She said the products they prepared for the sale included DIY kit grab bags.

"So surprise kits that people could grab and then take back to their campgrounds and keep the kids busy for the afternoon or into the evening," she noted. "I think that we did really well, because of the type of products that we were offering, especially for the type of market and audience that's out there. There's a lot of people looking for things to keep their kids busy out at the lake." 

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