Today kicks off the first day of school and that means Classroom of the Month is back! While teachers and kids can still look forward to their favourite pizza parties, this year there’s added excitement with Stranger Danger Candy Co. 

Delea Lark has every sweet tooth in town excited about the wide selection of treats available and now the kids can look forward to receiving cone bags filled to the brim with candy deliciousness. Delea shares why she chose to join Classroom of the Month. 

“I really think our teachers should be considered heroes, I have five kids and they take them for seven hours a day, it’s quite nice, and we just want to do something to give back to the kids and the classroom.” 

While the doors are open to pick up your favourite treats, Delea shares that bulk orders are also available. 

“We have some big orders that we do, we do weddings and events, we’ve had orders where it’s 300, 400 and 500 bags at a time, everyone comes into the store and asks why the back is so open, and that’s why, we put up these tables so we can run an assembly line.” 

It’s not every day you find a store completely dedicated to candy, we asked why she chose to open Stranger Danger Candy Co. 

“I just figured the world needed a little more sweetness, and Weyburn didn’t have anything like that, and we import from 12 countries, and we wanted everyone to experience what we experience when we travel.” 

Giving back to the community is at the forefront of Delea’s mission, all active first responders, teachers, and bus drivers receive 15% off products and she is already helping to sponsor multiple sports teams and organizations. 

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