Trossachs Gospel Camp (TGC) is gearing up for a full summer of camping with kids, teens, and adults, and registration is now open. 

Due to its recent success, the camp has expanded many of its summertime activities.  Those attending the camp can look forward to a summer of fun. 

“We have the bouncy houses, water slide, pool, and horses. We have different water games because some of our camp doesn’t have some of the amenities that the bigger camps have. Our staff has initiatives to do different things and the kids have a blast, and of course, we are Bible-based so we teach Scripture,” said Pastor Ed Fischer, Camp Director. 

photo courtesy of TGC

The camp has incorporated a mandate not to turn any kids away. 

“If you want to get your kid to camp and you can't cover the full cost, we have people that sponsor kids. At the end of the line, we don't turn any kids away,” explained Fischer. 

Last summer the camp staff were made aware of a high-needs neighbourhood in Regina. As a result, the camp provided complimentary vacations to 15 kids from Regina. 

“On the way back, the driver was asking the kids, so what did you guys like about camp? And then the one little girl says, my favorite thing about camp is that I had a bed.” 

It was those words from that little girl’s mouth that spurred the Trossachs Camp into action, and within a week, the camp purchased six to eight beds and the staff personally delivered the beds so that each child would have a bed to sleep in at home. 

photo courtesy TGC

The TGC offers many camps throughout the summer, from Family Camp to an Explorer Camp for ages seven to 11 to a Junior and Senior Teen Camp. 

photo courtesy TGC

To register, or to enquire about sponsorship you can go to the Trossachs Gospel Camp website here, E-transfer is available. If you would like to provide a camping opportunity to a child you can become a sponsor by going here.