The 39th edition of the James Weir People’s Choice Exhibition opens today at the Weyburn Art Gallery. 

Regan Lanning is the curator for the City of Weyburn. She told Discover Weyburn there will once again be a wide variety of entries. 

“We have 24 works in the running,” Lanning stated. “They are as varied as always. All sorts of mediums; all sorts of subject matter and it's just going to be a great show.” 

As has been the tradition for the past few years, there won’t be any names on the pieces that are on display in the gallery. Lanning pointed out this is to ensure the votes focus on the art, as opposed to being a popularity contest.  

“I like to keep the voting blind so that it doubly ensures that you’re voting for your favourite pieces, not for your best friend’s cousin’s uncle,” Lanning joked.  

The in-person voting opens today with the rest of the exhibition. Those taking in the gallery will be able to choose their top three pieces. The ballots are filled out with by number, not by the name of the piece. All ballots submitted in gallery also need to include three choices. More than three, or less than three, will mean that the ballot won’t count when the votes are tabulated.  

Another method of voting that has been introduced in recent years is online voting, and that will make a return once again. Lanning said the votes cast online come from around the globe.  

“Last year I believe we had 24 countries from around the world voting in our little hometown James Weir People’s Choice Exhibition,” she said, demonstrating the global attention the competition is starting to achieve.  

The voting will be open until March 17th. The votes will then be tabulated, and the winners will be announced on March 23rd during the awards gala, which will also be held at the Weyburn Art Gallery.  

The awards themselves will be unique for the year, with each one, for first, second and third place, being hand-crafted and personalized.  

Below are some of this year's exhibition items: